Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash cryptocurrencies accepted. We've gone full crypto!

As some of you might know, at City Cigars, we have been accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin since inception. We recently added Dash coin to our list of cryptocurrency payment options.


We will no longer be taking Card Payments via Mastercard/Visa/American Express etc. This is due to the nature of fraud that are committed with these established cards. After a while it becomes a challenge for new businesses to survive, so we made a decision to halt these payments as it became increasingly expensive.


We are here to sell cigars and offer cigar lovers a good choice and great prices, and also to serve the cryptocurrency community worldwide who want to enjoy some luxury. So this is the mission we are sticking to.


Bitcoin is easy to purchase, and no, you don't have to buy a whole bitcoin, as you can buy in fractions. Easiest place to buy is from They have an app on both IOS and ANDROID.


We also accept direct bank transfer as well, if you wouldn't touch bitcoin with a 10 foot pole :) When at the payment page, simply choose the Bank Transfer option, and the business bank details will be presented to you. We get notified when payments are made.


Thank you all for your custom!

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