About Us

Who we are?

At City Cigars, we are an online-only cigar shop currently operated by a fellow cigar smoker. We’ve been in operation since 2015, so we are relatively young and growing.


Why another cigar company?

This may be an important question. Why yet another cigar company? The answer could simply be to provide choice or differentiation, and I will say the answer is both.

The first is to provide an exceptional service to our clients (you).


Cigars are for different occasions, be it celebration or just relaxation. I started the business to ensure the joys of a cigar continues. With many aspects to consider when purchasing cigars, the notion of cost and varieties is always an important one. The regular cigar smoker with an already established favourite cigar might sometimes think twice before buying his/her cigar, especially if the price keeps rising. This is the situation I found myself in, during the Christmas period of 2014, after having dwindled my stash to a bare minimum, lighting up in different bars around the City of London with friends.

This is the problem this business is attempting to solve: bringing down the cost of cigars. We regularly compare our prices against the lowest prices in the UK and we adjust them accordingly, to always be lower. Why, you ask? Because as a fellow cigar smoker, we do not want price to be a hindrance to your fun times. What allows us to lower the price is because I run other businesses, so starting the cigar business wasn't primarily about profits, but for like-minded cigar lovers like myself. We categorically promise never to be beaten on price, and to also provide a better shopping experience.


Why should you shop with us?

We will never be beaten on price. We are a small outfit, so we know that we cannot cater to everyone, but for the ones we can cater to, we guarantee a quality experience. We reinvest all profits back into the business so that we can offer more of the cigars you want, and increase our capacity to offer our service to more clients.


Your order is always personal to us, and it won't be "just another order". We provide a professional, and yet a personal service to our clients. We listen to your feedback, and aim to improve our service to you. We only focus on one thing, and that's cigars. There is no need to add other accessories, and clutter the whole browsing experience as you go through the various cigars we offer.

If the cigar you're after is not listed, please drop us a mail, and we will do our best to have this specially ordered for you. There is free shipping on all orders irrespective of price.



For orders that exceed 200 cigars, you can call us directly so we can provide you with even further discounts on the sale.

City Cigars Ltd
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Email: info@citycigars.co.uk
Phone: +44 7588 889 294
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