Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash cryptocurrencies accepted. We've gone full crypto!

As some of you might know, at City Cigars, we have been accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin since inception. We recently added Dash coin to our list of cryptocurrency payment options.   We will no longer be taking Card Payments via Mastercard/Visa/American Express etc. This is due to the nature of fraud that are committed with these established cards. After a while it becomes a challenge for new businesses to survive, so we made a decision to halt these payments as it became increasingly expensive.   We are here to sell cigars and offer cigar lovers a good choice and great...

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Dash Cryptocurrency now accepted at City Cigars Ltd.

We are proud to add Dash cryptocurrency to our list of accepted payment methods. In addition to our already accepted cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Litecoin, Dash allows for faster payment due to faster confirmation times on the Dash network. So no need to convert your precious Dash coins into Bitcoin or Litecoin before spending with us.

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What piqued your interest in cigars?

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Interest We all have different reasons why we got into cigars. For some, this might have to do with hanging around older gentlemen folks who enjoy cigars occasionally; for some this could be switching from one form of smoking, e.g. cigarettes, shisha, etc.; some out of interest and curiosity; for some, this might be to look cool/refined/expensive/acquired or any other combination or variation. I for one, my interest started from the movie Scarface, Tony Montana, or something I'll like to call my 3 Ts. My 3 Ts Tony Montana, Tony Soprano, and Tony Stark. Yes I know, these are Hollywood...

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Scotch and Cigars - They need us

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They need you, they need us. The full article can be found here: They need scotch and cigars

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London, Cigar Capital of the World

As mentioned by Spears magazine, London is turning into the cigar capital of the world. Well, that statement might sound a bit controversial considering Countries like Cuba, Nicaragua, or Dominican Republic and a few others are well known for their cigars. What this article tries to convey is the allure of cigars, the new audience it is attracting, to top hotels having cigar terraces to cater to cigar 'enjoyers' (as opposed to 'smokers') after the smoking ban. "...For Geneva-based Davidoff, London was the obvious city in which to launch its Ladies’ Masterclasses. ‘It’s because London is now undoubtedly the capital of the...

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