What piqued your interest in cigars?

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We all have different reasons why we got into cigars. For some, this might have to do with hanging around older gentlemen folks who enjoy cigars occasionally; for some this could be switching from one form of smoking, e.g. cigarettes, shisha, etc.; some out of interest and curiosity; for some, this might be to look cool/refined/expensive/acquired or any other combination or variation. I for one, my interest started from the movie Scarface, Tony Montana, or something I'll like to call my 3 Ts.

My 3 Ts

Tony Montana, Tony Soprano, and Tony Stark. Yes I know, these are Hollywood fictional characters, but it shows how our environment subtly scripts and conditions us. But who doesn't want to look like a boss, serious and accomplished smoking a cigar like Tony Montana, or badass and dangerous like Tony Soprano, or cool and confident like Tony Stark?

Of course, this was just an introduction into my interest in cigars. My first cigar was given to me as a birthday present from my then-girlfriend, a nice Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill, and there began my journey down the rabbit hole into the world of cigars. With this interest comes the next step in trying out different types of cigars, from the Robusto range from Cohiba, Montecristo, etc. and understanding some other information about cigars.

So, what first piqued your interest in cigars, and has your interest changed through the years, is it still the same, or does it vary?

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